New Jersey State Parks

You may purchase up to two 2nd household passes for your household along with your primary household pass.

Permit/Pass Info

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Note: If you have passes/permits that are issued for a specific park and you select the In Person option you can ONLY pick up each pass/permit at the named park. You will NOT be able to pick up park-specific passes/permits at a different park.

Visitor Info

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Upload Documents

For your permit application you will need to upload copies or photos of the following documentation:

  • Your Driver's License
  • Registration for the Vehicle
  • If the vehicle is leased and the lessee's name is not on the registration, proof of the lease is required.
  • For company vehicles either proof that the driver is owner of the company or has permission from the owner to use the vehicle for mobile sport fishing is required.

You can either upload all of your documentation as one file or in up to 4 separate files. Files can be in PDF, PNG, JPG or JPEG format. Each file can be no more than 5MB in size.

Choose a file to upload, then click Confirm Attachment to attach it to your order. For multiple files you will need to upload and confirm them one at a time.

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Attached Files

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Know Before You Go

Annual Park Pass

Annual New Jersey State Park Passes provide free entrance for one calendar year to NJ state parks and forests that charge daily entrance fees. A secondary household pass may be purchased at a reduced price using the Add 2nd Household Pass option on the initial pass.

New Jersey residents age 62 or older or who are disabled may be eligible for a Free Senior Citizen Pass or Disability Pass. For further information, please contact 1-800-843-6420.

Mobile Sport Fishing Permit

Mobile Sportfishing permits are issued for vehicular access to the beach for the purpose of sportfishing at the Park the permit is issued for. Permits are good for the entire calendar year purchased. Please review the Terms and Condition page for information specific for the area of your permit purchase.

  • NJ Resident Annual Pass: $50 Standard Vehicle/$100 Oversized*
  • NJ Non-Resident Annual Pass: $75 Standard Vehicle/$150 Oversized*
  • 2nd Household NJ Resident Annual Park Pass: $25 Standard Vehicle/$50 Oversized*
  • 2nd Household NJ Non-Resident Annual Park Pass: $35 Standard Vehicle/$75 Oversized*
  • Corson's Inlet Sport Fishing Permit $50 Resident/$75 Non-Resident
  • Island Beach Sport Fishing Permit $195 Resident/$225 Non-Resident
  • North Brigantine Sport Fishing Permit $50 Resident/$75 Non-Resident

*Oversized = vehicles that do not fit into a 10'x20' parking space

Annual Park passes have an additional $3 Transaction Fee per pass and Mobile Sport Fishing Permits have a $5 Transaction Fee per permit purchased.

Pass/Permit and Transaction Fees are non-refundable.

Order Fulfillment

By Mail: Once your order is processed the Division of Parks and Forestry will mail your physical pass/permit decals to the Shipping Address entered.

In Person: (Only available for some pass/permit types at this time.) If you opt to pick up your order in person, you will need to bring your confirmation email/number with you to the park to pick up your pass/permit. Please note that passes/permits can only be picked up at the location named on the Permit or the corresponding park office.
Corson's Inlet Permits can only be picked up at Belleplain State Forest.
North Brigantine permits can only be picked up at Bass River State Forest.

Each Pass/Permit has specific rules for where your decal needs to be placed in order to be valid. Please see the NJ YourPassNow FAQ and Terms and Conditions Page for more information.

Need Help?

For more information on Park Pass pricing and rules, please see the Division of Parks & Forestry Website or contact the Division at 1-800-843-6420.

If you are having technical or payment-related issues, contact the New Jersey e-Government Services Help Desk.

Phone: 609-586-2600 or Contact Us

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